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Local Phone Service
Business Services (Does not include Federal Subscriber Line Charge)
Authorized Bell Atlantic Retailer

Basic Business Rates
Thrifty Caller
Community Plus Caller
Touch-Tone Service
Bell Atlantic Sentry I
add 2.75
add 3.00
All rates are accurate as of the publication of this page.
Local Usage Charges
Peak Rates
9 AM to 9 PM
Band 1st Min Add'l Min
1 4.3 2.8
2 5.2 3.4
3 6.0 4.0
4 6.9 4.6
5 8.6 5.7
Centrex Services
CustoFLEX 2100 Line $35 / month
CustoFLEX 2100 Equipment $50 / month
CustoPAK Lines $35 / month
When you want to maximize the power of your telephone communications, without a big investment, choose Bell Atlantic Centrex CustoFLEX 2100 Service - the system designed for the 2-100 station line customer.

This flexible, functional package of services provides everything your business needs to turn your telephone equipment into a power packed business tool. Includes features like direct station dialing that make you more accessible to your customers, suppliers and employees. And features that save you time on repetitive tasks while keeping your company on the leading edge of communications technology.

CustoFLEX 2100 lets you select only the features that you need today, and allows you to add new capabilities as your needs change in the future.